2018 Exhibition

2018 Exhibition

This year, Asensetek and our partners plan to present and demonstrate the world’s first smart spectrometer, Lighting Passport, Lighting Passport Pro and Lighting Navigator at the following exhibitions.

We sincerely welcome your visit to the show.

Strategies in Light Feb 13-25 #730
Light + Building Mar 18-23  #Hall 10.1 B25
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Jun 09-12
HK International Lighting Fair Oct 27-30

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Lighting Passport – Smart, Precise, and Evolving !

The world's first smart spectrometer "Lighting Passport"

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What experts say about the Lighting Passport.

Adam Wilt
Adam Wilt has been working off and on in film and video for the past thirty years,
while paying the bills writing software for animation, automation, broadcast graphics,
and real-time control for companies including Abekas, Pinnacle, Omneon, CBS, and ABC.

Lighting Passport Essence is often the most affordable spectrometer available. If you need more color info than a simple tristimulus color meter can provide, the Lighting Passports provide it, in a compact package that won’t bulk up your gear bag.
Jim Benya
Winner of the 2008 Edison Award and over 200 national and international lighting design awards.
Over 50 LEED Platinum, Gold and Silver projects.

Lighting design professionals now practice in world of advanced and rapidly changing products and applications expectations about which we could only dream ten years ago. Color, in particular, is at the forefront of the brave new world of lighting. The ability to measure color and to instantly compute color metrics ranging from RA (CRI), R1-15, CQS and GAI, to the compliance with ANSI and IES colorimetry standards, and to the new TM-30 metrics, is in my opinion an essential part of lighting practice for everyone on the industry. I have owned a spectrometer since 2013 and cannot imagine working without one.
Kevin L. Willmorth
He is a regular presenter on the topic of applied lighting technologies, including Strategies in Light, the LED show, and LED Specifier Summits; over 35 years’ experience spanning electrical engineering, lighting design consulting, product development, marketing, and editorial writing.

For anyone looking for a portable, high quality spectrometer/illuminance meter product, the Lighting Passport is going to be hard to beat. At its current price, I would say impossible to beat actually.
Mehrdad Ghalebi
Xeleum Lighting's President & CTO.
Xeleum provides in-house energy analysis, engineering and project management expertise
as well as technical and environmental assistance in the LEED certification process.

We find the Lighting Passport accurate and convenient to use on site. Our measured results were almost identical to the ones we had from the test lab. The software is great and is improving continually. Excellent value for money.

Blaine R. Bateman
Over 20 years of technical, analytical, and cultural experience in business plans,
expansion/ globalization, strategic planning, business analysis, and market research.

At a price well under $2,000, this iOS-based spectrophotometer deserves a look by anyone who considers him or herself a lighting professional. The price and ease of use set new marks for this key tool for analyzing lighting.

Wei, Fang
Plant Factory Authority
Professor of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering National Taiwan University.

However, thanks to the advancement of the technology, now the similar machine, actually it's even more powerful, it's something like this (Lighting Passport). And this is called the spectrometer. This one (Lighting Passport) has more functions compared with the old system. So, I was a heavy user of this one (Spectrometer), and now I'm the heavy user of this one (Lighting Passport). And this is not heavy at all!

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Napat Watjanatepin 
Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering,
Former Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Architecture,
RUS-THAILAND, ISFT Thailand Chairman,
Founder : Solar Energy Research and Technology Transfer Center(SERTT),
Director of Research Institute, Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi

I am applying the Lighting Passport for my research project. It is a LED-based Artificial light for horticulture research. Moreover, I used this technology to teach my students in the engineering project.

Lighting Passport Essence Pro was used to measure the spectrum of the light sources. The measurement process is very simple, fast-response and has good performances.

This product is the most suitable when I compared with the other spectroradiometer of the same price. The software in mobile application (SGAL) is very efficient  and could display all the parameters.

Dr. Juthamas Chaiwanon
Ph.D. Department of Botany,
Faculty of Science,
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Lighting Passport Pro Essence is a budget-friendly, high quality spectroradiometer that allows our team to conduct research project on plant growth under indoor lighting. Together with the SGAL application, it provides us with necessary measurements to understand our light treatment in the laboratory and growth room. Plus, the SGAL app is easy to use. I would recommend Lighting Passport for anyone who wants to grow plants indoor. You need to know about your light, and Lighting Passport can help you!