(1) How to compare spectrums?

If you want to compare spectrums, you can select two spectrums from “My spectrum” and “My collection”:

  1. Select “My spectrum” and “My collection”
  2. Tick two checkboxes which you want to compare with
  3. Click “Start”


  1. Click “Spectrums”, “Parameters”, “Histograms”
  2. You can switch “Normalized” and move Y axis of graph.
  3. Share or Reset after you check every parameters.

(2) How to collect spectrums?

  1. Click “Situation” at the upper left corner after login.
  2. Click the situation you need.
  3. Click the heart icon at the upper right corner of each picture to add your collection, and you can check your collection at the My collection page.

(3) How to cancel collections?

Click “Cancel Collection” at the page of selected spectrum.

(4) Error syncing my Spectrum Genius Mobile+ with Spectrum Genius

Please check your internet connection and try again. If your error still exists, please contact us.

(5) Would the records in SGM+ be deleted if I delete the records at the web page?

Yes. You will not see your records in SGM+ after syncing.

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