We make the innovation, we cause the revolution.

Asensetek, with a unique patented optical engine, integrates all the industries and strives to develop the most suitable testing instruments for each industry, which in turn, will have a better development through the mobile devices, cloud services and IOT integration.

So far, Asenseteck has been focusing on the development of related equipment in lighting industry. We provide various equipment that perfectly suit research and development, manufacturing, procurement, sales, inspection, acceptance, and industry communication. These also make us the best partner for cooperation in the lighting industry.

In the future, our business will not just be limited in serving the lighting industry. We will provide more innovative and practical equipment and hence, making us the best partner to work with in many more industries.

We know light.

Due to our enthusiasm in the optoelectronics, we set up Asensetek and wish to pursue and explore the infinite possibilities in optoelectronics.


Asensetek was established in March 2012 and is a professional company specializing in integrating the R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of optical, mechanical and electrical products. The company is founded by a group of optoelectronics enthusiasts and a number of senior advisors. The members of the company have worked in the optoelectronic industry for many years and have extensive professional experiences in this field.  Asensetek’s R&D team is familiar in various technologies such as using the MEMS and semiconductor manufacturing process to design and integrate the optoelectronics system, related measurements on optoelectronics components, and making optical systems with high tolerance etc. Hence, we can provide a more all rounded service than the others. 

The company‘s head office is located in New Taipei city, Taiwan. We have sale channels in more than 10 countries such as America, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Russia, China, Japan, and Israel etc. Therefore, we will be able to stay close to our customers and always stay in sync with the market requirements and demands.

Company Name

The English name of the company is known as Asensetek. Asense is formed by combining the letter “A” and the word “Sense”. “A” represents top and excellence, while “Sense” represents perception and sensation. Asense is also originated from the word “essence”. Together with the Chinese name, Qunzhi Tech, meaning group wisdom, Asensetek is formed. Asensetek represents a team of partners withsynergic force and innovative wisdom who wish to develop the best components which can sense the environment and the nature ofmaterial. With these, we will be able to change the world which is also the mission of our company.

Company culture

Our members come from various industries such as optical, mechanical, electrical, wireless, software, legal, marketing and commercialbusiness, and etc.… All together we create shinning sparks that stun the industry. Moreover, we hope to create diverse working environment and culture through our best professional skills and enthusiasm, facilitating products that will become popular in the world and made us proud.

Asensetek possesses shared values of “Integrity”, “Innovation”, “Speed” as well as “Gratitude” and creates a win-win situation with the customers and partners through the serviceoriented attitude. With such culture, Asensetek hopes to create a company that is full of innovation and vitality and of sustainable development.

Product and services

Asensetek launched the world first smart spectrometer “Lighting Passport” on June 2013. It focuses on providing best experience in measurement of lights and color. With the “Lighting Passport” as the foundation, we continue to develop applications for various industries. Hence, we are able to update the world latest standards and parameters as well as master the new knowledge and movement of the industry.  Currently, “Lighting Passport” has developed integrated hardware and software solutions for applications that aim forlighting design, lighting practitioners, plant factory, transmittance measurement, and movie industry etc. and has won recognition and trust of renowned manufacturers from all over the world.

Lighting Passport,GateKeeper,Asensetek

Asensetek has developed “Lighting Passport Gatekeeper” for the manufacturing industry. It is used in the inspection and measurement of optical and color of the products at production line. Your personalized Gatekeeper is able to control optical and color quality at every aspect of production process starting from material incoming to shipment outgoing.

To provide more diversified intelligent living applications and services, Asensetek continues to integrate and develop different sensory components. We plan to introduce an adjustable lighting system so as to provide people with stable light color which adjusts automatically according to the environmental requirement and free from external interference or to duplicate your favorite lighting settings to other places. 

We listen to your voices. We devote ourselves to continuously providing innovative products and services beyond your imaginations.