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  • 1-1 What’s the difference between Lighting Passport Standard version and Flagship version?

    Lighting Passport Standard:
    If your mobile device is iPhone 5 and later version, or Android 5.0 and later version, and already supports BT4.0(BLE, Bluetooth Low energy), you can choose Lighting Passport Standard version. It’s light, portable, and well worth its value.

    Lighting Passport Flagship:
    If you are a frequent user, Lighting Passport Flagship version can provide you best user experience with an iPod Touch inside. It also can be used separately and remotely as Standard version.

    1-2 Could I use the Lighting Passport to measure “Lumen”?

    According to the approved standard(EX: LM-79), it needs integral sphere to measure “Lumen”.There is no portable meter that can really measure “lumen”(total flux) of the luminaire. Lighting Passport can measure illuminance which is a good reference of lighting intensity.

    1-3 Is Lighting Passport accurate?

    First of all, Lighting Passport is a grating based meter of which optical resolution is under 8 nm, and that is better than most portable spectrolux meter.Second, there is complete calibration system including standard spectrophotometer, standard light source and so on. In our lab, we traced NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology) criterion to calibrate every Lighting Passport before shipment.
    Lighting Passport also pass the test by notary labs like National Measurement Lab of Taiwan, China, and Switzerland, the accuracy can be ensured.

    1-4 Have any Safety assurance?

    Lighting Passport got safety certification including CE,FCC,SRRC,CB,NCC,VCCI etc.

    1-5 How long should I charge Lighting Passport?

    • Please check the battery icon in the bottom of the main menu of Spectrum Genius Mobile APP. If the icon turn to RED, we suggest you to charge Lighting Passport.
    • If you turn on Lighting Passport but the BLUE lighting not on, please turn off Lighting Passport and charge it.

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    1-6 Does Lighting Passport have to be turned on or turned off when charging?

    If the battery still has power(Blue light will be on when turn on Lighting Passport), it doesn’t matter. But if the battery runs out of energy, please charge in turn-off to avoid components damaged.
    lighting passport, asensetek, spectrum,transmittance

    1-7  Can I control Lighting Passport by computers?

    We are considering adding this function in the future.

    1-8  Do you provide PC version software?

    Spectrum Genius PC Version is a powerful Meta Analysis PC Software. It can completely support the user of Lighting Passport. Spectrum Genius PC Version provides Standard and Advanced (choose and buy) for user.
    TEL: +886-2-2218-5577

    1-9  How to import the data I measured by Lighting Passport to my computer for detailed analysis?

    (1) By E-mail
    Step 1: Find data in “Records” and choose the one you want to check.
    Step 2: E-mail the data to selected mail account.
    Step 3: Get the raw data on your computer and import to Spectrum Genius PC version.

    (2) By iTunes
    Step 1:Open the iTunes and make the iDevice connected with the computer.
    Step 2:In the iDevice menu, click the application.
    Step 3:Click the “Asensetek SGM” folder, select the data, then click the “Save as”.

    (3) By Email

    You can also use wifi, USB, SD card(Android device) for data transferring. Please go to the link here and download the Mannual.


    1-10 How can I print out a test report?

    Spectrum Genius Mobile APP provides you the function to instant email measured results to your coworkers or clients. You can also print out formal test report with Spectrum Genius PC version.
    lighting passport, asensetek, spectrum,transmittance

    1-11 Any precautions for use Lighting Passport Flagship touch screen part?

    As the picture shows, if you want to turn on/off the screen, just push the button downward gently.Please don’t push the button too heavily or push it to wrong direction, it may damage mechanical structure.
    lighting passport, asensetek, spectrum,transmittance

  • 2-1 How to get APP?

    You can input keywords “Asensetek”, “Spectrum Genius”, or “Lighting Passport” to search the App in APPLE App Store and Google Play Market, Chinese area users can search the App in 360 and Wandoujia; you can scan the QR code below or click the App banners to get the App. TheThose Apps are Free for installation now.

    ※  For iPad users, please go to App Store and search “Asensetek, Spectrum Genius, or Lighting Passport”, then change “iPad Only” to “iPhone Only” to download the App.
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    Spectrum Genius Mobile PlusSpectrum Genius Essence Plus
    Google Play

    Google Play

    Google Play

  • 3-1 Does Lighting Passport support my mobile device?

    Lighting Passports can be used with :
    For iOS devices, we support iPhone 5/5c/5s/6/6+/SE/7/7+/8/X,iPad mini 2/mini 3/mini 4,, the New iPad(iPad 4)/(iPad5), iPad Air/Air2, iPod touch 6 and above version.

    Support Android 5.0 and above version with BT4.0 (BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy) module. The UI display will be slightly different because of the size of the device screen.

    We will support most devices with BLE function soon.

  • 4-1 What’s the communicating protocol between Lighting Passport and mobile device?

    We adopt BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy,BT4.0).It can provide considerably reduced power consumption and make devices stable and durable.


    4-2 What is the longest distance for remote measurement of Lighting Passport?

    Depends on the amount of interference. We suggest that the distance between the mobile device and Lighting Passport have to be less than 7 meter.

  • 5. Product Using Related

    5-1 Does any Suggested distance between Lighting Passport and the light source?

    The distance is related to light intensity and light pattern.
    For illuminance, Lighting Passport can accurately measure light source from 100 to 50,000 lux, and you can adjust distance based on this.Some companies provide the illuminance (lux) of 1 meter, 2 meter and 3 meter. For outdoor lighting, often measure the light source at the similar height of human body. For indoor lighting, often measure the light source at 80~100 cm.We also suggest you to use auto integration mode to save the time for distance adjustment.

    5-2 What kind of SDCM standard do you use in your APPs?

    Somebody uses ANSI-SDCM, but we follow IEC 60081.

  • 6-1 How to measure with background light?

    Spectrum Genius Mobile APP provides a function that lets you can subtract background to get more accurate results:
    Step 1:Turn off the light source to be tested, and execute Subtract Background.
    Step 2:Then turn on the light source, execute Measure.

  • 7-1  What’s the warranty period?

    The 1-year basic warranty Asensetek provides starts from the shipment date indicated on the invoice.
    (* Shipment date means the “date of purchase” on your warranty card. The date is only valid when a company stamp is found.)

    Lighting Passport Warranty Registration: http://www.asensetek.com/product-registration/

    7-2  How long does Lighting Passport need to get re-calibration?

    We suggest to re-calibrate once every two year.

    7-3 How to calibrate the device?

    To calibration the Lighting Passport, it has to be done in our NIST Traceable laboratory in Taiwan. We offer 1 free calibration service in the first year. You may send the device to the distributor and ask for re-calibration. They will assist you with the rest.