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European Broadcasting Union (EBU) presented new evaluation standard for studio lights and luminaires, Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI). TLCI mimics a complete television camera and display, using only those specific features of cameras and displays which affect color performance, and there are more and more TV Studio (such as: BBC, CNN, NBC, iTV, Disney CHANNEL …) adopt TLCI as their purchasing standard. TLCI uses a Color Checker [split Macbeth] chart to compare the color rendering qualities of a measured luminaire to a “benchmark” and then assigns a single value between 0 and 100 to the luminaire, the higher the number, the better the color quality. (For more information about TLCI, please download SGS-iPad APP)


tlci_01Spectral response of modern camera used in TLCI-2012


85 to 100Excellent quality with errors so small that a colorist/lighting
engineer/DP may not consider making a correction or making
very small adjustments.
75 to 85A Colorist/Lighting engineer/DP could easily reach the acceptable
result by making some adjustments for color performance.
50 to 75Depending on professional experience, colorist/lighting engineer/DP
would adjust the camera equipment or use filter to correct the
deficiencies of luminaire. It takes a lot of time to reach the
acceptable result.
25 to 50A Colorist/Lighting engineer/DP will need to make significant
adjustments due to poor color rendering of the luminaire.
The result might not suit for broadcast standard.
0 to 25The quality of luminaire is very poor. Although colorist/lighting
engineer/DP spends a long time to adjust the camera equipment
or improve the performance, the result still not qualify the standard
of broadcast.

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