• 《Lighting Navigator 》is an APP especially for interior designers, sales at lighting fixture store, purchasers, interior designers and users who would like to know the quality of lights.

    Users can rapidly acquire CCT, CRI, illuminance and spectrums by measuring light sources to understand basic information of specific light sources. You can compare the information with international lighting standards to assure quality.

    1. Sales’ pocket catalog – Build product database.
    2. Your mobile lighting consultant – Combine with lighting standards, and discard inadaptable light sources.
    3. Light quality manager – Sort out recommend light sources which fit selected situation.
    4. The aid of selecting light sources – Rapidly compare the difference between light fixtures

    ※ You need Smart Spectral Meter “Lighting Navigator” or “Lighting Passport” series developed by Asensetek® when you use《Lighting Navigator》APP. With our App and devices perfect cooperation, you can easily understand and assure the quality of your lights.


  • Lighting Navigator APP  Specifications

     Lighting Navigator APP
    Applicable ModelLighting Navigator
    Lighting Passport Essence
    Lighting Passport Standard
    Lighting Passport Flagship
    Lighting Passport Pro Essence
    Lighting Passport Pro Standard
    Lighting Passport Pro Flagship
    Lighting Passport High Intensity
    Main FeaturesFilter
    Measurement CapabilityCCT
    CRI (Ra)
    Other FeaturesPhotograph
    Auto Connection
    Standard Estimation
    GPS Orientation
    Social Media Integration
    Traditional Chinese
    Simplified Chinese
    Google Play

    Google Play