Today, we are proudly to announce to you that the new generation of Lighting Passport—Lighting Passport PRO is now finalized and ready.

After several months of brainstorming, hard work, testing, validation, and sleepless nights, we have managed to conquer all obstacles and bring to the worlds a much better and upgraded innovation—Lighting Passport PRO Series.

Lighting Passport PRO Launch Presentation

To help you better understand the improvements we have done and help you feel the changes, here are the detailed modifications and new functions for your reference.


<HARDWARE and FIRMWARE> We will inform you accordingly for any change of specifications.

Two sensors have been added to the Lighting Passport PRO to better suit the needs of the markets.

◆  Flicker Sensor (+- 5% accuracy)

–     Flicker Frequency (5 – 200Hz)

–     Flicker Percentage

–     Flicker Index

◆  Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor (Comply to our operating environments.)

–     Automatically record the Temperature and Relative Humidity of the environment where the measurements are taken.

Other improvements and NEW functions.

◆  Enhanced Battery Duration

Now, with battery fully charged, users NOW get an extra 20% power capacity.

◆  Low Battery Alert

When in low battery status, the RED LED on the back will be sparkling, indicating a remaining power for less than 1 hr.

◆  USB and Bluetooth Connectivity (via PC SDK)

Now, users can request for PC SDK to control Lighting Passport via USB or Bluetooth 4.0 (1 PC v.s. several LPs) SDK kits.



For the past 3 years since we first launched Lighting Passport in 2013, there have been feedbacks and suggestions coming in to us from both the end-users and partners.

As the manufacturer of the world’s first SMART spectrometer, acting fast, smart, and always putting customer needs as our first priority has always been our philosophy.

With the update of our SG APP Series, you must have seen a number of improvement we have done already.

However, to keep being the leader and keep helping our customs to win more deals, there’re more features and benefits we have included this time to LP PRO Series.

◆ Spectrum Genius Mobile (SGM) New Functions:
(We’ll also be updating SGE / SGAL / SGS and other APPs shortly. Notifications will be issued.)

1) Faster Bluetooth connection. (After the first-time connection, users can access the same Lighting Passport much faster)

2) Now, users can share “Comparison” data via Email

3) “Social Media Integration,” users can share measurement data via social media including Instant Messengers like:

WeChat / Twitter / Line / Facebook / Messenger / Whatsapp / SMS / Others

4) “Precision Mode” gives users measurements of the best accuracy. (For Lighting Passport PRO ONLY.)

5) Now supports Turkish and Spanish

6) Users can change the unit of the temperature and measurement distance between “metric” and “imperial” in setting page

7) Users can modify record information including product photo, file name, manufacturer, user, note information and so on

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