In August, the BEST tool for growth light measurement, Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting (SGAL) APP, is going to launch its new support PC program “SGAL Reference Generator

“SGAL Reference Generator” is a Macro Excel program, users can import their own plant growth PAR data to the reference library of SGAL APP via this application. The imported PAR data will be shown on the “Reference Menu” of “Diary”, “Single”, “Multiple” and “Comparison”, and this new support feature will also help user effectively evaluate, select, and develop the growth lights.

Download SGAL Reference Generator

The following is the instruction steps:

Step 1. Please fill in the name.(Up to 20 characters)


Step 2. Please fill in the note.


Step 3. Please put in the “Reference Spectrum” values.


* The value is from 0~1.
* Please use “.” as decimal point, instead of  “,”.
* No punctuation allowed.
 Red blank  : No data
 Yellow blank   : Data error ( Please modify it )

Step 4. Please click “SAVE to *.par” to save, email, and import to your SGAL APP.



If the SAVE features is not running, please check the “Enable or disable security alerts” on the Message Bar, click the Options, then click “Enable this content”, and then click OK.
(1) Click the Microsoft Office Button image, and then click Excel Options.
(2) Click Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings, and then click Message Bar.
(3) Choose the options that you want.

Step 5. Please click “OPEN to *.par” to open your previous file for editing.


Step 6. Import and Open files in SGAL APP.


Please email the “.par” file to the mobile device that are already installed with SGAL APP, click on the Attachment, and then open in SGAL.

Step 7. In Reference, you can view the imported files set as reference files.


If there is anything else we can do for you on this, please feel free to contact us at any time. .
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