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Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting” is a professional application developed specifically for plants growth. The updated version contains three brand-new reference spectrums for plants growth, including the phytochrome ground state, the phytochrome active state, and a commonly used medicinal plants.

Phytochrome is a pigment that used by plants to detect exterior light signals for growth, development and flowering. Its function is especially conspicuous in regulating germination of seeds, elongation of seedlings, growth of leaves and stems, activities of chloroplast, differentiation of flower and bud and formation of tuberous roots. Phytochrome can go through the ground state (proteinred, Pr, 660 nm) and the active state (proteinfar-red, Pfr, 730 nm) where the red light and the far-red light are absorbed separately. The two states are interchangeable and reversible through conformational changes.

In the dark, most phytochromes remain in Pr state. After irradiated by the sunlight, Pr will change to Pfr, where phytochromes will stimulate development responses to the light, just like many plants do. For example, during the growth of lettuce, irradiation of 660 nm red light can stimulate the lettuce to allocate more nutrition for elongation and enhance the effect of germination while irradiation of 730 nm far-red light inhibits its growth.

As we updated the Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting, we also added a growth spectrum of the commonly used medicinal plant, in the hope that it could bring more benefits for the plant cultivation industry.


2016 International Plant Factory Industry Technology Seminar

The annual Photonics Festival in Taiwan was held with a large exhibition from June 15th to 17th. Invited by professor Fang Wei  working at the Bio-industrial Mechatronics Engineering Department in National Taiwan University, Asensetek was honored to attend the lecture on 2016 International Plant Factory Industry Technology Seminar.

In the seminar, Asensetek shared technologies and know-hows about the plant-cultivation industry and proposed YPFD as a more valuable parameter in measurement of the light for plant growth. We know that PPFD is calculated from known spectrums and has no direct correlations with how plants react to the light. In order to confirm the effectiveness of light on plants, the effective spectrum value of PAR must be measured to acquire the yield photon flux density (YPFD). The value differs when the reference effective spectrum of PAR changes.

In the past, in order to measure the data associated with growth, it would require a PAR meter, an illuminometer, a spectrometer, an DLI meter, and a R/IR meter, etc. Now, Lighting Passport with a dedicated APP – “Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting” shall suffice to allow comparisons between different validated data. And Lighting Passport is the only spectrum tool that measures YPFD in the world.

Meanwhile, Asensetek also developed an adjustable spectrum system. The system can provide corresponding light sources for plants and living things to grow in different time slots and spaces. We believe that spectrum sensing and spectrum adjustable light will increasingly play an important role in a plant factory in the future.

An Expert of the Plant Factory in Taiwan- Professor Fang

2016 International Plant Factory Industry Technology Seminar – Choose smart spectrum measurement tools and improve the productivity of the plant factory. 

Now, Lighting Passport Pro Essence users can get the APP “Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting” at US$ 1 via In-App Purchase. Please refer to Activity page for further details.


Also, we are glad to inform you that we have successfully expand our service areas by teaming up with 2 new resellers. They are “Next Generation Led NV” for Benelux countries, and “Paulson Lighting OÜ” for Baltic countries. For more information, please visit our Reseller page.

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