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A tool most practical for transmittance measurement, making it more efficient in detection of anti blue light product

Recently, as smart phones gained more and more popularity, anti blue light lens has become a primary function considered by buyers when they manage to buy new glasses. Many salespeople use blue light flashlight to show the anti blue light capability of their products for convincing consumers. In recent years, a series of anti blue light products have been produced and put on the market for sale. However, as the result of tests with the Lighting Passport, the actual anti blue light capability of most popular products that claim the anti blue light over 50% are merely about 20% to 30% of what they realy have. As well as, those anti blue light products often cause human eyes to be more seriously color shift to yellow-green.

As we used the APP(Spectrum Genius Transmittance) to measure the anti blue light screen protector available in the market at specific transmission rates, the anti blue light capability to the entire blue-light spectrum ranging from 400 to 480 nanometers was only 6%. We also found significant differences in color temperature and luminance. As we inspected colors from R1 to R15, we could see the obvious color shift of the screen protector. Using such products is not a good method to protect eyes and doctors suggest that we shall let our eyes rest more and try to avoid exposure to the white light for too long.

Words in Green Color: the parameters with screen protector

Words in Purple Color: the parameters without screen protector

SGT,blue light,Asensetek,LightingPassport SGT,blue light,Asensetek,LightingPassport

Recently, a famous lens manufacturer from France has planned a bulk purchase of new tools for transmittance measurement. They planned to equip the company’s retail stores with “Lighting Passport” and “Spectrum Genius Transmittance” so that customers can make quick decisions on their purchases based on the transmittance data acquired from spectrum measurement right on the spot.

The medical profession also noticed the convenience of Lighting Passport in transmittance measurement. This June, Doctor Chen Ying-Shan, an eye-protection expert in Taiwan, even brought Lighting Passport to attend the 2016 TianjinInternational Ophthalmology Forum for live demonstrations.

Now, Lighting Passport Pro Essence users can get the APP “Spectrum Genius Transmittance” at US$ 1 via In-App Purchase. Please refer to Activity page for further details.


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