How does handheld smart spectrometer help you in the Lighting Exhibition?

Please imagine someday purchasing a whole new product and checking its quality can be done at the same time when you visiting the international lighting exhibition; imagine that someday product explanations and live demonstrations can be more vivid and more Interactive; with those approach, your business transaction costs will stunningly decline, and the marketing income will also increase substantially. All this is happening before our eyes with the worldwide first smart spectrometer, Lighting Passport.

We all already know, getting a head start will always yield great profits. There is a saying in Marketing Strategy that there are two components to business transaction cost, one is about processing information, and the other is about communication. During the past several decades, the internet has become the dominant way of communication, exhibitors and viewers can easily get product information and share them with their mobile devices, but most of the processing information work still need to be done back in the lab or office.

In this instantaneously variable market competition, sometimes business opportunity can be missed during processing information analysis and decision making; Lighting Passport is that convenient tool and can help users prevent such opportunity loss. It is able to obtain the actual basic measurement information of the exhibition’s lighting products on the fly, while also able to automatically analyze more in-depth and advanced measurement information on the spot; with its platform concept, users can easily share the complete information out by email, and the recipient can import the complete information to their mobile device for data viewing even if he doesn’t have a Lighting Passport. Those amazing advantageous are going to support you to get a head of the market.

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” said Steve Jobs. Likewise, most of exhibition viewers only have a basic knowledge on what they want, so you should be the person who can show them much more, beyond their imagination, and if you can achieve that, you will definitely catch viewer’s attention. The worldwide first handheld smart spectrometer, Lighting Passport, can completely fit exhibitors’ need. With hands on actual measurement, not only can exhibitors catch viewer’s attention, but also authenticates the quality of products directly, rather than a boring catalog; it provides a lot of popular international standard readings and many measurement mode, be it single-point test, multi-point test, or prolong time test, Lighting Passport is capable of supporting all these.

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What are the biggest difficulties that the exhibition visitors and professional buyers may face? Messy catalogs and brochures, or product specifications that are too good to be true? These are all the factors that prevent you from making the right decisions, establishing good communications, and creating business opportunities.
However, with Lighting Passport, these difficulties can easily be removed. Both visitors and professional buyers can get the authentic product information instantly without the misleading catalogs and brochures. Plus, you can immediately compare any two of the measurements saved in the database to get a fast analysis that is much more efficient than going back to the office or lab for slow and excruciating data processing.

Lighting Passport also provides a revolutionary feature called “Smart Pass”; this feature allows users to import measurement information and instantly share it with multiple persons or groups. This means that even if users are in different places of the exhibition, or different exhibition in different countries, they are still able to exchange their information instantaneously, allowing them to easily select their ideal products without delay. This is definitely a convenient feature for everyone.

Have you finished the yearly exhibition plan? In addition to arrange your business travel or the booth display, don’t forget to carry the worldwide first smart spectrometer, Lighting Passport; it is going to help you check product’s real specifications and quality on the fly, shorten the time of repeated inquiry and communication, and directly analyze product information whether meet your needs, reduce your transaction costs and increase the market income substantially.

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