• Spectrum Genius Mobile Plus (SGM+) APP is one of the Fully Upgraded and Elevated “Spectrum Genius App Series” which delivers more intuitive and comprehensive service for Lighting Passport users!

    In the latest version, users can synchronize measurement records in their own cloud accounts. This makes it easy for Lighting Passport users to transfer and access data records when switching between different mobile devices and enjoy greater convenience when sharing measurement data over the cloud.

    The newest version of the app also features a more optimized UI and expanded UX features including “Record Search”, “Quick View”, or “Multiple Photograph” to deliver a better overall measurement experience.

    In the future, the Spectrum Genius Mobile Plus (SGM+) app will also provide more features through the cloud that will take Lighting Passport users to the next level.

    Intelligent APP, Wonderful Measurement

    1. Register and sign-in “Spectrum Genius” account, ease of access to measure spectra records
    2. Cloud Service connection – Let you view and edit on other devices
    3. One tap publish – Share your records to the world
    4. Easily share – Send your records to your partners with social networks
    5. Tag setting / spectra categories – Sorting time will be saved
    6. Search – Quickly find the specific spectrum
    7. Multiple share / delete – Records will be chosen more easily


    Spectrum Genius Mobile Plus
    Google Play

    Google Play

  • Spectrum Genius Mobile Plus APP Specifications

     Spectrum Genius Mobile Plus
    Applicable ModelLighting Passport Standard
    Lighting Passport Flagship
    Lighting Passport Pro Standard
    Lighting Passport Pro Flagship
    NEW FeaturesRecord Search
    Sync Service
    Cloud Sharing
    Multiple Photograph
    Quick View
    Records Privacy Setting
    Multiple Records Sharing/ Deletion
    Record Tag Setting
    Classification Setting
    Measurement CapabilityCCT
    CIE 1931
    CIE 1976
    CRI Ra (R1~R8)
    CRI Re (R1~R15)
    R1 ~ R15
    TLCI (Qa)
    Gamut Area Index (GAI)
    Foot Candle
    PPFD (400~700 nm)
    SP Ratio
    TM-30-15 (Rf/ Rg/ Diagram)
    Flicker Perentage
    Flicker Index
    Flicker Frequency
    Key FeaturesPhotograph
    Data Filter
    Auto Connection
    Auto Dark Calibration
    Data ComparisonGPS Orientation
    Social Media Integration
    Automatically Record Temperature & Humidity
    LanguageEnglish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

    (The items in green are for Pro only.)
    (* Pro Essence model is without those items)

  • Serena Tellini e Francesco Iannone
    Museum and Treasury of Monza Cathedral,
    Gaiani foundation

    The ex-president of PLDA, Professional Lighting Designers’ Association, describes the problems encountered in today’s lighting design, and how lighting passport can help them solve those problems.

    (Left: Serena Tellini, Right: Francesco Iannone)

    Serena Tellini and Francesco Iannone are both Fellows Members of PLDA (Professional Lighting Designers’ Association), and Francesco Iannone used to be the President of PLDA.

    Video content:
    The ex-president of PLDA, Professional Lighting Designers’ Association, describes the problems encountered in today’s lighting design, and how lighting passport can help them solve those problems.

    Serena Tellini and Francesco Iannone are graduated in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, since their Bachelor in 1975, they decided to project only light, becoming one of the first Italian Lighting Designers.

    In 1986, they established in Milan Consulate, in order to offer to the international market a full range of stylish lighting solutions and services.
    They are both PLDA founder (Professional Lighting Designers’ Association):
    Francesco Iannone was three time President and presently Fellows Member.

    Main lighting projects
    . Shanghai Formula 1 Racetrack
    . Shenzhen Cultural Center
    . Tiziano exhibition, Scuderie del Quirinale Rome
    . The National Grand Theater, Beijing
    . Ascona Promenade, Switzerland

    The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Lighting Designer
    James Yuan

    China area please use YOKU link:  http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODYwMzY4NTc2.html

    Video content:

    “Luminosity” and “Photometry” has always been very hard for Interior Designers to grasp.

    Why? This is because light can be seen but not touched.
    So designers usually judge by their senses,
    and so do the customers.

    How can we obtain an ideal lighting environment and effects?

    Cool Light or White Light?
    All these are based off individual’s senses.
    Now, with this Asensetek Lighting Passport,
    one can understand everything about lighting.

    What is the CRI?
    What kind of spectrum is it?
    How much illuminance is there?

    All the information is in this device.
    One can precisely tell their customers whether the quality of a light is good or bad.

    Information regarding the CRI, λ values, and how much nanometre, can be precisely given to the customers.

    What kind of values will produce white light, and how white it is, what kind of values will produce warm light, as warm as a light bulb, or as warm as a candle?

    Allowing the customers to know these readings will help us designers, especially interior designers the ease the communication between the customers.

    At this point, this Lighting Passport helps bridge the gap between designers and customers.

    Chinese Light Emitting Diode Industry 
    Commerce Development Association    
    Tom Kuo

    China area please use YOKU link:  http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjM1MDc2NzU2.html

    Video content:

    It is very to get into the LED market, it future is also very promising, hence, manufacturers worldwide has invested a lot into market.
    This caused a lot of competition.
    The LED’s quality and price has always been the largest challenge amongst the manufactures.

    A lot of customers cannot comprehend why similar looking LEDs have such a huge price range.

    It is also very hard for sales to explain them to the customers.

    Now with Asensetek Lighting Passport sales will be able to easily and swiftly demonstrate to customers the differences between various products.

    With these accurate readings, customers can easily understand the products.

    On the other hand, Asensetek developed the “Spectrum Genius Mobile” APP allowing various developers from different fields to make use fo and develop their own ideas.

    So I feel that Lighting Passport is a necessity for this very competitive LED market.

    BOE Technology Group Co, Ltd.
    Senior vice president 
    Li Xiao

    Video content:

    I feel that developing this new product Lighting Passport.
    The Lighting Passport adapts to the current smart device trend.
    Having the device run by App will increase the usability in the long run.
    Also I feel that this product is a technological breakthrough.

    As for the App, the ability to update constantly will provide the users a wide range of experiences.

    Winner of the 2008 Edison Award and over 200 national and international lighting design awards. Over 50 LEED Platinum, Gold and Silver projects.
    Jim Benya


    Lighting design professionals now practice in world of advanced and rapidly changing products and applications expectations about which we could only dream ten years ago. Color, in particular, is at the forefront of the brave new world of lighting. The ability to measure color and to instantly compute color metrics ranging from RA (CRI), R1-15, CQS and GAI, to the compliance with ANSI and IES colorimetry standards, and to the new TM-30 metrics, is in my opinion an essential part of lighting practice for everyone on the industry. I have owned a spectrometer since 2013 and cannot imagine working without one.

    He is a regular presenter on the topic of applied lighting technologies, including Strategies in Light, the LED show, and LED Specifier Summits; over 35 years’ experience spanning electrical engineering, lighting design consulting, product development, marketing, and editorial writing.
    Kevin L. Willmorth
    For anyone looking for a portable, high quality spectrometer/illuminance meter product, the Lighting Passport is going to be hard to beat. At its current price, I would say impossible to beat actually.

    Xeleum Lighting’s President & CTO. Xeleum provides in-house energy analysis, engineering and project management expertise as well as technical and environmental assistance in the LEED certification process.
    Mehrdad Ghalebi

    We find the Lighting Passport accurate and convenient to use on site. Our measured results were almost identical to the ones we had from the test lab. The software is great and is improving continually. Excellent value for money.