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TLCI is the new evaluation standard for lights and luminaires used in Television and Film industry. In the past, it would take an expensive spectroradiometer for spectral measurements and a computer installed with data-analyzing software to get accurate TLCI values. Now, you have a much more convenient and smart choice: world’s first handheld and SMART spectrometer “Lighting Passport” and the SMART APP for iPad “Spectrum Genius Studio (SGS).”

For the past years, the LED technology has made a huge progress in the development, and LED lightings are getting more and more stable and mature. What has come with this breakthrough is that an increasing number of people in TV and Film Production industry are introducing LED lightings that are both durable in lifespan and efficient in power consumption to replace traditional lighting fixtures. Yet, when compared to traditional incandescent light sources, LED luminaires are not always the perfect choice for TV and Film Production industry if not properly inspected and sorted.

Asensetek, manufacturer of the world’s first SMART spectrometer “Lighting Passport,” has spent the past year in the development of a SMART APP which follows the standards of Television Consistency Index (TLCI) set up by European Broadcasting Union (EBU). This SMART APP is called “Spectrum Genius Studio (SGS),” and it gives you the ability to get all the TLCI information easily and quickly. In July, we will proudly make announcement of its formal release.

When worked together with Lighting Passport, “Spectrum Genius Studio (SGS)” allows professionals like producers, colorists, gaffers, and technicians to get full and detailed information about the TLCI of a specific light source or the entire set up. In a single touch of finger, all the reading and information will be displayed on your iPad immediately. You can easily store and save the measurement results, or share them with your colleagues or clients instantly. You may also set the data of your preferable Fresnel or Flood Light as the reference—Television Lighting Matching Factor.

What’s more is that “Spectrum Genius Studio (SGS)” doesn’t just offer TLCI information; it also gives you additional parameters like CRI, CQS, and CCT which help you make even wiser decisions. For colorists and technicians in post productions, “Advice for Colorist Table” provides the best references for them to make adjustments on the lightness, chromaticity, and hue. Cameramen can use this guide to adjust their camera when needed; on the other hand, visual effect editors can either enhance or decrease the lightness, chromaticity, and hue in each of the 12 color sectors to get the best end result.

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Through the creation of the cutting-age SMART spectrometer “Lighting Passport” and the innovative “Spectrum Genius Studio (SGS)” APP for iPad, Asensetek’s intention is to help the professionals in Television and Film industry and give them a better way to choose the most suitable LED luminaires. With these helpful aids, they can make better choices for filters, make precise adjustments on cameras, and save big money for always-expensive post-production. In the near future, we will keep on our innovation work and release the same TLCI APP for Android tablets and both ios and Android Smartphones.

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