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  • A convenient App which can test the object’s transmittance and should be collocated with smart spectrometer “Lighting Passport”.

    Transmittance, the best partner of Lens, Filters and Screen Protector.

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    Spectrum Genius Transmittance provides you friendly UI and rich information critical to everyone check the transmittance of object. You can get the Original Spectrum, Reduction Spectrum, Average Transmittance, Assigned Transmittance, and Assigned Rejection by a quick measurement.

    APP Control Steps

    ■ Step 1: Tap the “Measure” button to get the original spectrum of the light source.


    ■ Step 2: Put “the object under test” on, then tap the measure button again.

    ※ The object under test can be lens, panel materials, filter, screen protector, and etc..

    ■ Step 3: After done, you can get the spectrum of original light source and reduction of light, and the transmittance values of whole visual wavelength.

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    ※ If you want to check the transmittance of specific wavelength, please go to wavelength range of settings page, then manual configure the specific range.

    With Spectrum Genius Transmittance and Lighting Passport, Lighting Industry can have the basis in purchase optical lens; Lens Industry can show the product intuitively; Shielding Film Industry can check the quality of the goods.

  •  Spectrum Genius Transmittance
    (In APP Purchase)
    Lighting Passport Standard:Free Download
    Lighting Passport Flagship:Free Download
    Lighting Passport Pro Essence:99.99 USD
    Lighting Passport Pro Standard:Free Download
    Lighting Passport Pro Flagship:Free Download
    LanguageTraditional Chinese,
    Simplified Chinese,
    Measurement CapabilityVisible Light Spectrum
    Visible Light Transmittance (every 5 nm)
    Visible Light Average Transmittance
    Visible Light Photopic Transmittance
    Key FeaturesTransmittance of Specific Wavelength Range
    Rejection of Specific Wavelength Range
    Records Comparison
    Auto Connection

  • Lighting Passport Standard

    8 nm Optical Resolution (output @ 1nm)
    Accuracy: CCT: 2 %
    Illuminance Range Measurable: 5~50,000 lux
    Repeatability: x, y: < 0.001