Spectrum Genius Mobile Plus (SGM+) APP is one of the Fully Upgraded and Elevated “Spectrum Genius APP Series” which delivers more intuitive and comprehensive service for Lighting Passport users!

“Spectrum Genius Mobile Plus” is a powerful App which provides rich information critical to everyone who concerns about light and color. Not only keeps the function of  “Spectrum Genius Mobile”, but works with “Spectrum Genius” Cloud Service, “Spectrum Genius Mobile Plus” can be easily operated by smart phone, tablet and personal computer. Don’t worry about losing your spectra records because the data from “Spectrum Genius Mobile Plus” will be synchronized with “Spectrum Genius” Cloud Service. Additionally, you can invite other users to view your records, or publish on cloud service and share to everyone on the planet.
– We provide a friendly and instinct UI
– Register and sign-in “Spectrum Genius” account, ease of access to measure spectra records
– You can measure and get almost all photometry
– Subtraction of background light and continuous measurement
– To meet the demands of varied situation- Comparison mode
– Helps you to know the difference between spectra- Cloud Service connection
– Let you view and edit on other devices- One tap publish
– Share your records to the world- Easily share
– Send your records to your partners with social networks- Data filter
– Show the parameters which you emphasize – Tag setting / spectra categories
– Sorting time will be saved- Search
– Quickly find the specific spectrum- Multiple share / delete
– Records will be chosen more easily

In the future, the Spectrum Genius Mobile Plus (SGM+) APP will also provide more features through the cloud that will take Lighting Passport users to the next level.

Spectrum Genius Mobile PlusSpectrum Genius Essence Plus
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